One Seat to One Thousand.

With more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, OneConeXion® has become one leading providers of flexible and scalable contact center solutions. Offering state-of-the-art technology and strong media, operations, quality control and administrator platforms to clients all over the world, OneConeXion® provides unified experiences to customers in many industries. And because OneConeXion® utilizes proprietary software, it can customize its services to suit very small clients, needing only a few agents, as well as large, international corporations, requiring hundreds. OneConeXion® operates in the same time zone as Chicago and Houston and offers its U.S. clients well-trained, easy-to-understand, bilingual agents and managers, greatly facilitating communication at all levels. As a nearshore outsource provider, it can also cut clients operational costs significantly in comparison to in-house or off shore alternatives.

OneConeXion®’s four platforms work together to manage clients call center operations smoothly, promptly and efficiently, reducing costs and maintaining quality.

Providing Day-to-Day Call Center Functionality and Management

Social Media

In the fast-paced business environment of today, OneConeXion® understands the market value of consistent exposure in the global digital market. Effective and timely response to social media and Web-based customer interactions is essential. OneConeXion®’s social media services include addressing posts and comments promptly as well as reporting and analyzing content to serve the future development and marketing needs of clients.

Help Desk and Concierge

OneConeXion® understands the importance of being available 24/7 for customers. OneConeXion®’s help desk and concierge services give clients the ability to manage all locations and provide customer problem resolution and support with one centralized number. Exemplary technology and personnel make sure customers are in good hands, rain or shine.

Marketing and Sales Support Services

OneConeXion® understands that successful businesses need accurate customer data to drive their decision making processes and the means to send sales messages to key target markets. Clients can use OneConeXion®’s outbound digital communication capabilities not only to conduct marketing surveys among current and potential customers but also to deliver advertising and promotional messages. Additionally, OneConeXion®’s state-of-the art technology provides clients with comprehensive company reports and analyses as often as necessary.

Maintaining Quality Control on Both Inbound and Outbound Calls

OneConeXion®’s managers are highly experienced in supervising the customer’s overall experience to produce the most positive interactions possible. With a thoughtful program of auditing, call recording, market research and analytics, OneConeXion® can provide managers critical data to evaluate transactions and improve customer satisfaction.

While clients focus on growing their core businesses, OneConeXion® handles their day-to-day call center operations with a team of highly skilled trainers, agents, programmers, supervisors and managers. Its operations platform allows OneConeXion® to integrate all call center functions seamlessly including script development, service ticket management and the creation of CRM and APP connections. Above all, OneConeXion® is dedicated to improving customer responsiveness, reach and retention as well as ensuring security and privacy in every customer interaction.

Delivering Real-Time Customer Response and Support Services

OneConeXion®’s advanced technology allows it to maintain people-to-people interaction via telephone, e-mail, chat, video chat, text message and social media. Having a live person on the other end of the call improves customer experiences appreciably. OneConeXion® also offers instant backup for chat and video chat sessions and inbound and outbound call recording for training and management purposes.


Adding to basic customer contact services, OneConeXion® offers business process operations, logistics and fulfillment to round out support for clients more tangible marketing needs. OneConeXion® makes sure all its clients business transactions are effective and swift.

Synchronizing Capabilities to Provide Optimal Service and Reduce Costs

Successful call administration demands efficient handling of agents’ time and synchronization of calls to maximize productivity and minimize customer waiting time. Linking calls to social media platforms and customer relationship management programs is also important to optimize the business value of every communication.


OneConeXion® offers case-by-case control that allows it to gather and use historical information to assist agents to lookahead on each call. This practice reduces bottlenecks, improves first-call resolution and sends alerts automatically via e-mail, SMS and live calling.

Above all, OneConeXion® is dedicated to improving customer responsiveness, reach and retention as well as ensuring security and privacy in every customer interaction.

Why Choose OneConeXion®?

OneConeXion® offers a variety of call center services for companies of any size and in any industry. Take your pick and combine as necessary to find the best fit for your company, or OneConeXion® can work with you to create the perfect solution. With state-of-the-art technology and bilingual personnel trained to create ideal customer experiences, OneConeXion® offers the most practical, affordable solution to your call center needs.