Regardless of the size of the program, project or company, OneConeXion® offers unique personalized service, technical competency and qualified agents to make your business a success. We can manage your phone, e-mail and database entry to streamline your operation while adding a level of accountability and fixed cost. Our award-winning Customer Care Practice revolves around continuously improving the experience of our clients. Delivered via voice, email, social media and chat channels, we implement innovative processes that result in exceptional performance metrics while our Technical Support Practice handles many types of calls across diverse industries. OneConeXion® agents are trained to focus on first call resolution, while meeting quality and customer satisfaction goals.

  Account activation status
  Account maintenance
  Application/order processing
  Appointment setting
  Billing inquiries
  Business processes outsourcing (BPO)
  Change of address
  Commercial real estate surveys
  Comprehensive company reports and Analysis
  Contact information and demographics surveys
  Cross-sell and up-sell sales
  Customer acquisition programs
  Customer Administration
  Customer Care
  Customer retention programs
  Database management
  Delivery status
  Disputes handling
  Exit interview

  General inquiries
  Hardware and software troubleshooting
  Hardware information surveys
  Hardware warranty support
  Help desk
  HR processing
  Inbound sales and outbound sales
  Inbound/outbound sales
  Internet and broadband support
  Lead generation and qualification
  Market intelligence
  Market Research
  Missing, wrong and damaged goods
  Mobile devices support
  Multilingual Options
  Network administration
  Network administration and support
  Onboarding/Welcome programs
  System installation and functional support
  Operating system support
  Parts replacement
  Payment processing
  PC protection support
  Plan switches
  Post sales support
  Pre chat sales programs
  Pre screening
  Product demonstrations
  Product information
  Program compatibility
  Repair/contract services extension processing
  Sales and Marketing
  Security CD support
  Services support
  Social media reports and response
  Software and systems information surveys
  Technical support
  Twitter/Facebook and LinkedIn programs
  Voice, Web, chat and SMS
  Warranty support
  Win-back and loyalty programs