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One Conexion is a boutique Contact Center that specializes in Customer Support, Back Office Support, and Administrative Solutions for companies big and small.

Our award winning customer care practice revolves around continuously improving our client’s experience. We provide unique personalized services, technical excellence, and qualified agents to make your business a success.

We can manage your calls, emails, database, back office, logistics, chats, schedules, etc… and streamline your operation at a high level of quality for a fixed cost!


Businesses of all shapes and sizes need a strong backend. Small and starting businesses sometimes need an extra head for all those hats! We are here to help!

Our flexible service options combine cost effective solutions with state of the art technology and award winning services, never loosing the human touch!

Choose the services combination that works best for you. We can help you personalize your package with your best solutions and customize accordingly. You can always start small and see what works!


We believe a strong back office is like a good foundation, if you have it running efficiently you can build anything on top. Let us help you make that happen!

We are a well positioned Boutique Contact Center that provides services to major transnational companies in different industries such as: car manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology, retail, logistics, and insurance, health care and more.

One Conexion is based in Houston, Texas (USA) yet counts with the support and expanded services of the rest of the Awarded One Conexion Family Members: iFone, iKTK, and Altigen.


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info@oneconexion.com / Tel: 1 844 906 8080

"We are open. Our team has taken the necessary measurements and precautions to ensure everyone is safe and our clients continue to receive our support. We have your back!"