What Is Back Office?

At ONE CONEXION, Back Office is our middle name!

In short: back office is like your backstage crew.

In a more general term: back office is a name that encompasses all kinds of administrative tasks that happen behind the scenes while your clients enjoy the Creative Process of your business.

At ONE CONEXION, back office is our middle name!

We make sure everything works like clockwork behind the scenes so that your clients get what they need according to your specifications. By everything we mean every administrative service we are looking after.

Like an external office, your back office support can range from scheduling and coordinating activities, to book-keeping and accounting, marketing, sales, logistics, payments, help desk services, inbound and outbound calls, concierges, live chats, and even social media complaints and compliments response.

As a company starts, it is natural for the initial team to wear multiple hats. As a company grows, a bigger team starts forming and the many hats start to pass on to other team members.

The beauty of One Conexion’s Back Office Support is that we can be part of your team and grow with you early on. You can start with one service and add on to it the hours and services you need, you can even change them or assign new services seasonally.

Like a tailor made suit, we are 100% customizable to fit you.

Startups, Mom & Pop shops, Boutiques, NPOs, Institutes, and Conglomerates (etc…) we have something for everyone.


"We are open. Our team has taken the necessary measurements and precautions to ensure everyone is safe and our clients continue to receive our support. We have your back!"