Dear Startups,

We know how taxing those first years can be, how things change and grow, and how budgeting is crucial.

So, we created these special package with you in mind: cost effective, work effective, and a single stop for you to drop those extra hats you’ve been wearing.

From getting started to your ongoing growth and success, we are here to provide you the back office support you need; personalized by your special branding touches.

Hire our Virtual Assistance Team, get Back Office Support, and forget about all the extra costs that you could incur at you office.

Please take a look at our offered services below, and remember your can always let us know what you need if you do not see it there.

One Conexion.

Our packages

Yes: We start from $349.00 a month for 300 min. $0.90 each extra minute and you can scale as you grow
Yes: Packages Include Live Services from 8am to 8pm CST with a customized IVR from 8pm to 8am CST (Out of Office Voice Recording Software)
Yes: All packages include weekly reports with typified information accoirding to your preferences.
Yes: All services are bilingual from the start in English and Spanish from the get go.
Yes: We can increase the time of service. Let us know how much time or work you need. You can always start small and grow.
* Please note that packages do not include routing costs or telephone costs.

Services in package Include:



For the wee hours or as a first step, we can record and set up an IVR to fit your need.

  • Voice Recording with costume script to leave a message.
  • Hours of Operations Recording.
  • Basic Business Information Recording.

Customer Support

From calls to chat, emails, surveys, follow-up calls, tracking of orders, appointments, and marketing campaigns, we are here for you.
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls..
  • Live Chat.
  • Order.

Coordinating Invoice

Without touching payments, we track and coordinate invoices, payments, deliveries, and all other products logistics — be them internal or external — as part of your customer support.

  • Payment tracking.
  • Statement Disputes.
  • Coordinating fulfillments.

Market Research

Here’s team that can spend time on those research tasks and helping you develop or build that database that you need.
  • Database.
  • Research Tasks.

Back Office and Administrative Services

This team is your staff at another office. Our back office services have a single purpose: to work efficiently for you so that you can focus on your product development and your company’s growth.

  • Administrative Service.
  • BPO.
  • Virtual Assistant Services.

Scheduling Services

From scheduling meeting to coordinating office schedules, or taking and managing reservations, we can do that!

  • Internal Office Scheduling.
  • External Scheduling for Clients.

Social Media Response and Reports

Wether it is to solve complaints or thank compliments, we will do so as specified by you and report back on it.

  • Compliment response.
  • Complaint response.
  • Reports on booth.

Weekly Reports With Personalized Typifications

All our services include weekly reports with typified information according to your preferences.


Follow up and manage email campaigns or call surveys.
** While our services are like a tailor made suit( we fit it to you), please note that certain services and tasks require a more complex operation. Please contact us with what you need and we will propose the best solution for you.

"We are open. Our team has taken the necessary measurements and precautions to ensure everyone is safe and our clients continue to receive our support. We have your back!"