• Non-blocking with critical redundancy.
  • Remote live call couching, monitoring and barge-in.
  • Skills based routing with inbound/outbound bleding.
  • Predictive high capacity dialer with answer detection.
  • Outbound managed recorded message delivery.
  • Non-blocking inbound/outbound IVR.
  • Per-call/program caller ID morphing.
  • Designed to personalize customer specific needs.
  • Monitoring, screen recording, scripting and reporting.
  • Customer CRM integration.

CTI Computer Telephone Integration

Assures customer satisfaction by providing personalized customer information to the service representative’s desktop.

IVR Interactive Voice Response

Provides pre-recorded prompts and menus to present information, options to callers and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses

Program Monitoring

OneConeXion® has developed a comprehensive dashboard that lets you monitor “live” the results of your program.

CRM Technology

OneConeXion®'s solution offers case-by-case control where we gather and use historical information to assist an agent to look-ahead on each call. Our solution reduces bottlenecks, improves first call resolution and can be configured to automatically escalate and alert with e-mail, SMS and live call notifications.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our reporting system is designed around your business needs. We give you the tools to monitor our performance and the performance of your program. Along with the most recent technology advances on equipment, infrastructure, connectivity, applications and technical disaster recovery.

Contact Center Technology

Our Automatic Call Center application manages all voice, e-mail and Web-chat so we can intelligently route customers in real time to the best agent for their needs. Our predictive dialing application offers both live and automated voice detection in order to decrease agent idle time and provide a better level of service to your program.

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